Shower Steamers - Multi use budget friendly shower fizzies

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Shower Steamers - Multi use budget friendly shower fizzies

These little gems don't break the budget if you like to shower multiple times a day, they last at least 1-2 showers, all you simply do is put them at the end of your shower in a far away corner and it does the rest.

At only $1.20 each, we have made these super affordable .

Why should you wake up each morning and not enjoy your shower?

Why should you come home after a long day at work and not enjoy stressing down?

Why should you not put the kids to bed, wish you won lotto, settle with a glass of red wine and then have a nice hot shower and contemplate if its too late to run away?

Well you should enjoy your showers and these shower fizzies are the perfect way to :)


Q, How do these work?

A. Simply place at the end of your shower and while you move around in the shower the water will drop onto the steamer and release scent

Q. How long do they last for?

A. 1-3 showers, storing them in a dry cool place and keeping them as they are can make them last longer.

Q. Are they slippery?

A. While they are not slippery they do have fragrance oil in them, I would highly suggest at the end of your shower, just use your foot to rub around the floor.



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