Moonspire Creations gift set no 2 - Foody Scents

Moonspire Creations gift set no 2 - Foody Scents

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Foody Scents

6 Scent shots (35ml each)


Baked Bread

District 12 Bakehouse

(Fresh Baked Bread)
Times are tough in District 12, oppressed by the capital there is only hard labour in the mines, or out hunting. One thing is for sure on your way back home you can smell this freshly buttered aromatic treat, right out of the oven at the bakehouse.


Sugar Cookie

Grandma’s Cookies

(Fresh baked cookies)
A sweet, sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies, to bring back nostalgic memories of warm kitchens, tight hugs and a special kind of bond one can only find with Grandma. It’s enough to make you gather some flowers and visit the cottage in the woods in hopes of a fresh batch, just for you!


Lemon Meringue 

Noble’s Dessert
(Lemon Meringue)
A sweet and delicious scent fit only for the upper classes! With top notes of tangy lime, bergamot and zesty lemon; mid notes of milk, coconut and heliotrope flower and strong base notes of nut and vanilla it smells good enough to eat!


Lolly Shoppe

Unicorn Poop

(Sweet candy)
Everybody poops… Even Unicorns! And what does a Unicorn’s poop smell like? Like rainbows and candy, of course!


Musk Sticks

Imp’s Tricks

(Musk candy)
Imps are infamous for their trickery and mischief. Small and child-like in manner, this scent takes you to our younger days when pranks and mischief were a common part of our lives with a musk scent reminiscent of the pink sweets many of us are so fond of.


Sugar N Spice

Town Bakery

(Sweet bakery blend)
The baker is a key member of the township, baking both sweet treats and savoury breads to satisfy the needs of his fellow townsfolk. His shop always has the delicious, lingering, warm smell of the things he bakes. Town Bakery is beautifully blended with a combination of gorgeous sweet fruits and buttery caramels. With top notes of peach nectar, coconut milk, apple and sweet orange, Middle notes of salty caramel, butter, caramel, maple sugar and the spicy whispers of cardamom, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg with a deep, sweet base of vanilla cream, condensed milk and toasted Tonka. Such a delicious, warm and comforting scent.

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