Moonspire Creations gift set no 1 - Fruit Sampler

Moonspire Creations gift set no 1 - Fruit Sampler

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Fruit Sampler

6 Scent shots (35ml each)


Amazonian Grape

Walk in the Vineyard

Take a casual Saturday walk in the Vineyard. With Ripe grape that is blended with tart plum notes and a hint of sweet strawberry to create this enticing sweet fruit fragrance.



Keep The Dr Away!

What better way to keep the Dr away with this fresh smelling Green Apple scent. The aroma of fresh cut apples will make you sit back relax while ensuring to keep that pesky Dr away.


Coconut and lime

Castaway Island

(Coconut and Lime)
Imagine yourself marooned on a desert island, on your own or with some locals. Be wrapped in the uplifting scent of fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla, while you search for supplies and food to create your own paradise.


Fresh Mango

Exotic Treats

(Mango and Peach)
Sometimes the most tasty and flavoursome treats are the simplest. A fruity scent of mango with additional notes of sweet musk a peach. An exotic favourite of many!

Kiwi Fruit

Brave Soldier
(Kiwi Fruit)
Soldiers are a symbol of bravery and sacrifice, facing the dangers of battle head-on and prioritising the good of their king, country and people. Soldiers throughout the ages are honoured with this gorgeous kiwi fruit aroma.

Ripened Raspberries


(Juicy Raspberry)
We all crave adventure! Exciting places, things we have not seen or experienced before, new people… Adventure can mean different things to different people. Some love danger, others excitement. Sun ripened summer raspberries, juicy and sweet with creamy vanilla and hints of lemon, green apple and cherry make for a delicious scent for the Adventurer!

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