Lus$ Dupe Super Gift Set

Lus$ Dupe Super Gift Set

  • $49.95
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Lu$h Dupes
Gift Set

26 Scents

$77 Value for only

$49.95 + P&H

Important a minimum number of sets must be sold in order for us to make this.
If that minimum is not reached gift set will be cancelled and 100% of money refunded.


Anu -  “The American Cream!”
Aten - “Always practice good Karma.”
Aurora Borealis - "Northern Lights shine brightest!"
Balder - “Balder’s Celebration”
Bastet -  “Graceful Like the Girls of Sikkim”
Bragi -  “Poetry of Snow and Fairies”
Ceridwen - “What a Sexy Bomb of a Lady”
Freya -  “Have you caught the Freya Fever?”
Frigg  - “Frigg’s Comfort”
Hathor -  “Rose is this lady’s Jam!”
Horus -  "The Sultan of swing!”
Isis -  “Go on! Avo good time with Isis!”
Juno "Sealed with 1000 kisses"
Loki -  “Loki of Misrule!”
Ma'at “Can you Smell the Freedom?”
Mani “Bathed in Twilight”
Morrigan -  “So long  White Witch!”
Odin - “Odin Wash those kids!”
Ogma - “Vanillary sweet”
Osiris “Taken by the Calacas of Mexico on The Day of the Dead”
Poseidon "No Bathos Here!"
Sekhmet - “Sekmet’s sin of Lust!”
Sobek - “Offer the Olive Branch!”
Taranis “A pure Delight of the Angels”
Thor - “Supernova Hammer explosions!”
Tyr "Justice. Yummy  Yummy Yummy Justice.”

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Q. Your last Lu$h Dupe gift set was only $29.95 , why the increase?

A. 2 big reasons, the last one only contained 30ml of each not 50ml and we have added new scents since then :).