Mini Pineapple (Clear)

Mini Pineapple (Clear)

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This candle looks sexy in any setting.

Available in multiple scents.

Make your house come alive wit some amazing scents, but remember to read our candle safety instructions and never leave a candle unattended or let it burn all the way out.


Read Full scent descriptions here

Apple (Keep the Dr Away),
Birds of Paradise (Lunabelle),
Blueberry Scone (Afternoon Tea),
Champagne & Strawberries (Wedding in the Garden),
Chanel No 5 Inspired (Affluence) ,
Choc Orange (Champion),
Coconut & Lime (Castaway Island),
Coffee (Bolt of Energy),
Eucalyptus (Apothecary)  ,
Fresh Mango (Exotic Treats),
Hawaiian Breeze (Summer Fruits),
Kiwi Fruit (Brave Solider),
Lemon Meringue (Noble's Dessert),
Lolly Shoppe (Unicorn Poop),
Monkey Farts (Orchard Feast),
Pink Sugar (Sweet Little Princess),
Raspberry & Vanilla (Royalty),
Rose Petals (Enchanted Rose),
Strawberry Lemonade Ice (Pink Panther),
Sugar Cookie (Grandma's Cookies),
Fig & Melon *New*,
French Vanilla Bourbon *New*,
VIP Club Option *VIP Only*

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