Lu$h Inspired

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“The American Cream!”

The Celtic patroness of springs and fountains, and a mother-goddess thought to be the mother of all gods! Creamy vanilla with a small touch of earthiness ! Yummy vanilla with notes of jasmine and violet blend with lavender and rose on a warm, woody base.


“Always practice good Karma.”

The Egyptian “King of the Gods” depicted as a Sun with rays ending in hands.
A powdery blend of patchouli, dragon's blood, lavender, fir, orange and cashmere musk.

Aurora Borealis

"Northern Lights shine brightest!"
Boreas is the Greek God of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter. Fresh lemon peel and a hint of mint accent this wood spice blend. Pine, cedar and oak balance with clove bud while lingering base tones of orange blossom finish the fragrance.


“Balder’s Celebration”

The Norse god of light, joy, purity, beauty, innocence, and reconciliation! A gorgeous blend of orange flower, lime, benzoin and cognac that come together as a delicate champagne fragrance.


“Graceful, Like the Girls of Sikkim”

The Egyptian protective Goddess with the head of a cat. Rub her up the wrong way, and you will get a proud lion! A warm and exotic floral blend capturing the heat with notes of tuberose, vanilla and frangipani with veiled background notes of jasmine.


“Floating Island Paradise”

Bellona was the roman goddess of war. Take yourself away from the battlefield and imagine yourself away on a Floating Island, no partner around and a cocktail in hand, just a nice relaxing floating island paradise, containing a beautiful smooth combination of lemon, clove, sandalwood, musk, cinnamon and sweet creamed vanilla.


“Poetry of Snow and Fairies”

The Norse God of eloquence and poetry, and the patron of skalds (or poets) in Norse mythology. A beautiful candy-sweet combination of pear, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry.


“What a Sexy Bomb of a Lady”

Ceridwen was a Celtic Goddess of Fertility and the mother of the ugliest man in the world…But she has something brewing… Soft white floral notes blend with beautiful notes of violet and then finish with a sultry muskiness.


“Have you caught the Freya Fever?”

Freya is the Norse goddess of love and fertility, and the most beautiful and propitious of the goddesses. Top notes of mandarin and ylang blend with heart notes of rose and clove, beautifully supported by notes of guaiacum and sandalwood


“Frigg’s Comfort”

Frigg is the foremost goddesses of Norse mythology. She is the patron of marriage and motherhood, and the goddess of love and fertility. Fresh citrus top notes of bergamot and orange blend with clove and mint on background notes of soft florals patchouli, musk and vanilla.


“Rose is this lady’s Jam!”

Hathor was the protective Egyptian goddess of love and joy. She is often seen with the head or just the horns and ears of a cow. A beautiful blend of citrus, Turkish rose, geranium, lemon and Tonka bean.


"The Sultan of swing!”

Horus was an Egyptian god of the sky and protector of the pharaoh of Egypt. Top notes of lemon blend with middle notes of woodland strawberry, rose and lavender. Notes of fresh ginger add uniqueness and depth to the scent. Background notes of rare woods and dark musk round out the scent.


“Go on! Avo good time with Isis!”

The mother of Horus and her lap was the first throne he sat upon. Lemongrass, citrus and sage blend beautifully with notes of violet, cinnamon, vanilla and white musk.


"Sealed with 1000 kisses"

Juno is the Roman Goddess of marriage. Pucker up! A delicate apricot note, osmanthus blossoms, combined with hints of mandarin and deep resins.


"Big Inspired"

As the god of thunder and king of gods you too can feel like you are out of this world with an inspired scent of Big shampoo fragrance. Fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom and white musk.


“Loki of Misrule!”

Loki was the most unpredictable and certainly the most dangerous god in Norse mythology. Often mischievous, but sometimes malicious. A mysterious blend of rich patchouli and warm sandalwood. Citrus, vetiver and kisses of black pepper round out this fragrance.


Can you Smell the Freedom?

Egyptian Goddess of balance, law, order, justice and harmony. A crown of an ostrich feather showed her status. Notes of wood, lemongrass, neroli, jasmine, ginger, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, oud and orris root.


Bathed in Twilight

Norse God of the Moon. Opposite his brother Sol, the god of the Sun. Romantic floral blend of lavender, ylang ylang and tonka bean.


A bump on the Yog Noggin

She is honored with a beautiful fragrance that starts off with sweet caramel, buttery brown sugar and strawberry. The middle notes of ylang ylang and clove harmonize with delicate florals. Finally bottom notes of cotton candy, musk and warm vanilla round out this winner



“So long, White Witch!”

The Morrigan is the dark aspect of the Triple Goddess and the Goddess of Witches and Magick. Notes of apple, citrus, rose, bergamot and neroli.


“Odin, Wash those kids!”

Odin is seen as the father of the Norse gods and is a god of war and death. Golden honey, soft white musk, sparkling bergamot, bits of toffee, crisp apple and sweet orange.


“Vanillary sweet”

Ogma was the Celtic god of wisdom and speech “The Sun-Faced God” Sweet, creamy vanilla blends with soft jasmine and lily and leads to the woodsy heart of the fragrance - amber, sandalwood and musk.


Taken by the Calacas of Mexico on The Day of the Dead

Egyptian God of the Afterlife. Green skinned with the head of a Pharaoh. A sweet zesty fragrance of freshly cut limes, neroli and frankincense.



"No Bathos Here!"

Poseidon is the Greek God of the sea, he is represented with Violet combined with jasmine and lemon


“Sekmet’s sin of Lust!”

The Egyptian lion-headded goddess of war. A sensual blend of dirty jasmine blended with ylang-ylang, sandalwood, vanilla and rose.


“Offer the Olive Branch!”

Sobek was the Egyptian god of war with the head of a crocodile and a headdress of feathers and a sun-disk. Bright citrus notes of lemon and bergamot blend seamlessly with notes of leafy olive branches, sweetened with a kiss of vanilla and laid on a bed of soft musk.


“A pure Delight of the Angels”

Celtic god of thunder, often seen with a wheel and thunderbolt in his hands. Top notes of fresh mint that leads to cassis and creamed peach with undertones of cashmere musk and spun sugar.


“Supernova Hammer explosions!”

Thor is the Norse god of thunder. He is generally depicted as red-headed, bearded and extremely powerful. Floral top notes blend with orange blossom and hints of spearmint and are then laid down on a bed of musk and patchouli.


"Justice. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy Justice.”

Tyr was a Norse god of war and justice, closely related to Odin. Fresh picked strawberries, cherries, peaches, lemons, raspberries and tangerine laid down a background of soft woods.


"29 High St Inspired”

Vester is the goddesses of hearth, home and family. She is a well-rounded woman. She encompasses all the elements of a Lu$h store – such as the famous one at 29 High St. A collaboration of all of the key notes that you would expect to find in most of their products. Notes of ylang ylang and sandalwood give this fragrance complexity and depth. Jasmine, tonka, lime and lemon round out the scent. It’s like visiting a store without leaving the comfort of your chair.


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