Q. Do you offer Afterpay or Zippay?
A.   Yes , as of May 1 we now offer Afterpay. Zip Pay may come into play in the future.
Q. What is the warehouse and can I store my Afterpay order in it?
A.   The warehouse option was introduced to allow you to store items free of charge so you can combine small orders into 1 large order and save on shipping. You are able to select the option of Afterpay and select the warehouse option.
Q. How much do the  Clam Shells hold?
A.     The Clam Shells are approx 90G of wax (and can vary 5%)

     The Clam Shells come in 6 pieces     

The variance is due to multiple things such as pouring and shrinkage.


Q. I have noticed a strange, white pattern on the surface of the wax. It looks like a cluster of tiny snowflakes. What is this?

A. This is called Frosting. Frosting is a perfectly natural effect of soy wax and is unique to vegetable waxes. It is the natural wax re crystallizing and trying to return to its natural state.

Q. Ok, But does this make my product faulty or defective?

A. No Way! Frosting does not affect the performance of your candle \ wax melts and is something that you shouldn't stress over.

Keep your candles a consistent temperature. Don't leave them out especially when you know the temperature is going to drop or heat up. This is certain to promote frosting. Soy hates difference in temperatures. Best way to avoid any of this is to store in a cool dry dark place (EG a drawer)

Q. I have a candle and it has a patch where it looks like it hasn’t stuck to the glass properly, why is this?

A. This is what we call a Wet spot. It isn’t actually wet, but what in fact has happened is the wax has pulled away from the edge of the glass.  Once this happens it will not re-adhere. It does not affect the performance of the candle in any way.

Sometimes, however no matter what you do you will not prevent wet spots. Like frosting, the climate changes both outside and inside, even during transportation or the air-conditioning in a shop can all cause wet spots.

At Moonspire Creations we do our best to avoid this, but it does not affect the candle burn, scent or any other feature of the candle

Q. I have a Scentsy warmer, can I still use your wax melts?

A. Yes you can, however the Scentsy wax warmer does not get as hot as other warmers, and that being the case, means you may not get a huge scent throw or an even melt.

You can always purchase a standard tea light warmer from our range or head to your local shops and purchase an electric warmer. We highly recommend an electric warmer if you have cats or pets that like to run into things.

Q. My soy candle seems to be sweating.  What is this?


Soy wax will sometimes release excess oil, especially during significant temperature changes. This often happens after shipping across Australia also generally a small pool of moisture will form on the top of the candle. This will not affect the candle in any way and will usually disappear after the first burn.

To remove the oil, use a paper towel (not a tissue) to gently wipe it clean. And always remember to store your soy candles in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

Q. My candle flame is huge and smoking like crazy! What should I do?

Immediately extinguish a candle that has a wild flame. Smoking and a large, flashing flame is dangerous and a sign that something is wrong.

For either problem, the cause may be a wick needing a trim or excess oxygen fanning the flame. If your wick is already trimmed to 1/4", then check for a draught. Heating vents, ceiling fans, windows or even a heavily used walkway or doorway can provide enough extra oxygen to cause a candle to smoke and produce a wild flame.

Q. What is ‘Scent Throw’ everyone talks about?

When it's said that a candle scent "throws well", this means it fills the room with a strong, lasting scent. Soy wax candles not only have a great scent throw, but also have a cleaner smell. This is because the wax is clean burning and the fragrance is coming from the melted wax pool rather than the wick only.

Q. What Is ‘Tunnelling’ and how can I stop it?

Tunnelling is when a candle burns down the middle of the jar, leaving lots of wax stuck to the side of the jar.  Candles will tunnel due to incorrect wick size or type, or a poor wax ‘memory’. When you burn your candle the first time, make sure you melt the entire surface of a container candle, or ¾ of the surface of a pillar candle, to create a good ‘memory’ for your candle, so next time you burn it, the wax pool will extend to where your previous wax pool did and you will have less tunnelling.

Q. When I blow my candle out, I get a lot of smoke and it taints the lovely smell of my candle. What can I do about this?

Firstly, don’t blow! Always extinguish your candle by dipping the lit wick into the melted wax pool, using a wick dipper. This way, you won’t have any smoke ruining the lovely scent of your candle and your wick is primed with wax for next time you light the candle.

Container Candles

  • The wick must be trimmed regularly to no more than 5 mm.
  • Keep the candle surface clear of debris.
  • Candle should not be allowed to burn for more than 3 hours at a time.
  • Containers MUST always be placed on a heat resistant surface.
  • During the warmer months, container candles should be stored in an upright position as a hot day could melt the wax and the container will re-solidify in an uneven position.
  • Burning candles with uneven wax will cause uneven heating risking the container cracking.
  • Do not use if the container is chipped or cracked.
  • Do not extinguish a candle by placing the lid on the jar.


  • As with other candles, always burn tea lights on a heat-resistant surface to avoid heat damage to surfaces.
  • Although Soy Candles burn cooler it is advisable to not allow the candle to burn for extended periods when the wax has fully melted. The tea light we use are manufactured with 100% flame retardant polycarbonate.
  • Although plastic, the heat will not melt the plastic, but it must be emphasised that they are to be burnt on a HEAT resistant surface.


  • Ensure the oil burner is clean and dry
  • Do not add water or essential oil to the oil burner.
  • Once the tea light goes out the wax melt will harden again, and can be removed easily by sliding it out of the burner
  • Do not use too many melts.
  • Do not leave unattended.

Whatever candle you decide to use, always use on a heat resistant tray to protect your table surface.

 If you have any other questions you can email us at info@moonspirecreations.com


  • IF diffuser liquid absorbs into the rope past the wooden/beaded blocker be sure the rope is hanging from a material that won’t be affected or damaged by the liquid being soaked into the rope.
  • Hanging diffusers should not be left in high heat environments (such as 30c plus temperatures) as there are rare cases of them exploding. When parking ensure your diffuser is not in direct sunlight and is in shade.
  • Clean up spills as they occur, Diffuser base and fragrance oil can damage surfaces such as plastics, polished, varnished surfaces and wood
  • To use, remove the wooden lid and plastic stopper, then replace the wooden lid. Gently tip upside down for a few seconds, which allows the fragrance to soak into the wooden lid. The design of this diffuser bottle minimises liquid spills from the lid, however care should always be taken when using the bottle to prevent spills.
  • This product is a use at your own risk, Moonspire Creations cannot be held liable for any damage to your property as a result of using this product.
  • If any diffuser is swallowed please call the Poisons Information centre on 13 11 26 24x7