About us

Moonspire Creations was the brainchild of an Adelaide-based husband and wife couple who are not afraid to admit, they are a little nerdy.
Both have a strong interest in gaming, movies, television, fantasy and science fiction. The initial spark came from Charlene, who, among her passions, has a love affair with wax melts and candles, and has been casually making them for some time, on top of her extensive collection from various Australian and American vendors.
Two of Charlene’s other passions are reading and the role play style of gaming, of course fantasy and science fiction being favoured genres.>
She believes the best way to tell if a story is told well on the pages in a book or the way you are led in a game is the sense of immersion you feel.
Do you feel like you can see or hear what is being described? Can you feel or taste it? Or, can you smell it…
<>This is how her vision began, and she thought “Wouldn’t it be amazing to create a line of wax melts and candles to help you believe you are part of a story?" And so it began
She pitched the idea to Paul who was right on board, taking the metaphorical bull by the horns and even agreeing to learn how to make candles and melts (which nearly knocked Charlene off her feet!) and so the couple began months of research, testing and scouring to find the best scents, products and blends to make the vision come alive, to create a variety of scents to stimulate the senses and make our fantasies that little bit more realistic.
Using only the best quality materials, they have produced a line of wax melts and candles in over 70 scents to stir the imagination. All products are cruelty free and ethically sustainable, in line with their environmental and animal friendly values, and there are always new and exciting products and scents being created to add to the line. So, we invite you to light that candle, and come on a quest with us…