Lu$h Inspired Clam Shells (90g)

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Lu$h Inspired Clam Shells (90g)

Please NOTE: AS alot of these oils are imported from the USA, the cost to get them in is more then double a standard scent wax melt (EG Mango or Lychee & Black Tea) As a result as of 6/12/2017 the price has increased to cover the cost of transport to Australia.

These are hand made and poured to order Clam Shells, giving you the freshest scent. Poured with a maximum scent load to ensure scent throw and provide value for money

Each cube has maximum scent load to ensure the best possible scent & throw.

Suitable for Tea Light & Electric Burners

We take care and pride in our work, if you aren't 100% satisfied with the throw or scent email us!

Each scent is unique filling your home with something special.

For a full range of scent descriptions CLICK HERE


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