Clearance Clam Shells (90g)

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Clearance Clam Shells (90g)

Out with the old , in with the new

Discontinued scents

Deleting due to similar scents

Deleting due to end of run

Or Sample Scents in for feedback

These are some of the reasons these scents are here, and you can grab a real bargain

These are hand made and poured to order Clam Shells, giving you the freshest scent. Poured with a maximum scent load to ensure scent throw and provide value for money

Each cube is packed with maximum scent load for long lasting scent.

Suitable for Tea Light & Electric Burners

We take care and pride in our work, if you aren't 100% satisfied with the throw or scent email us!

Each scent is unique filling your home with something special.

For a full range of scent descriptions CLICK HERE


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