Save a Kitty Charity Drive - Millie & Her Babies

Save a Kitty Charity Drive - Millie & Her Babies

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Millie Needs YOU!

And here is how you can help!

We are proud to introduce our Millie & Babies Charity Set.

$14 From every sale will go to the Millie & Babies fund (As well as other kittens in care of Save a Kitty SA.

Millie like most of the cats that Save a Kitty SA help are either found on the side of the road or abandoned by their owners. Millie was heavily pregnant and is now needing support for not only her, also her kittens.

Save a Kitty SA vet checks and vaccinates as well as desexes all the cats in their care and it doesn't come cheap, we want to help them out with this charity set.

This Gift set will ship AFTER Christmas (First/Second week in Jan) (Money donated as it comes in)

It comes with 10 great scent shot scents

1) Grandma’s Cookies (Fresh baked cookies)

2) Lunabelle (Fruity and floral blend)

3) The Enchanted Rose (Rose petals)

4) Fig & Melon (One of the top sellers in Australia)

5) Adventurer (Juicy Raspberry)

6) Castaway Island (Coconut and Lime)

7) Wedding in the Garden (Strawberries and white wine)

8) 50 Shades of Grey Inspired

9) Unicorn Poop (Sweet candy)

10) Tuberose & Cherry Blossom (Floral Bouquet)

You can also donate directly to Save a Kitty, but we thought we would also reward the generous people who love animals and wax.

Moonspire Creations has donated over $850 to various charities to date and will continue to support charities like Save A Kitty SA

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