Mini Pineapple (Black)

Mini Pineapple (Black)

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This candle looks sexy in any setting.

Available in multiple scents.

as of 6/12/17 this product has been discontinued, a new product will be in its place by Jan 2018

Make your house come alive wit some amazing scents, but remember to read our candle safety instructions and never leave a candle unattended or let it burn all the way out.


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Apple (Keep the Dr Away),
Birds of Paradise (Lunabelle),
Blueberry Scone (Afternoon Tea),
Champagne & Strawberries (Wedding in the Garden),
Chanel No 5 Inspired (Affluence) ,
Choc Orange (Champion),
Coconut & Lime (Castaway Island),
Coffee (Bolt of Energy),
Eucalyptus (Apothecary)  ,
Fresh Mango (Exotic Treats),
Hawaiian Breeze (Summer Fruits),
Kiwi Fruit (Brave Solider),
Lemon Meringue (Noble's Dessert),
Lolly Shoppe (Unicorn Poop),
Monkey Farts (Orchard Feast),
Pink Sugar (Sweet Little Princess),
Raspberry & Vanilla (Royalty),
Rose Petals (Enchanted Rose),
Strawberry Lemonade Ice (Pink Panther),
Sugar Cookie (Grandma's Cookies),
Fig & Melon *New*,
French Vanilla Bourbon *New*,
VIP Club Option *VIP Only*

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